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Organic Baobab Powder

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What you will get: 

  • 150g fairtrade organic Baobab fruit powder cultivated ethically and sustainably
  • E-book containing 3 exclusive recipes that will make you love the Baobab fruit even more
  • Biodegradable & environmentally friendly packaging

Super food rich in natural fibre, antioxidants, calcium & vitamin C, the Baobab fruit is perfect for enhancing your smoothies and favourite recipes. Acting as a natural sugar, it adds a taste similar to fig or apricot in your favourite recipes by eliminating the need to add refined sugar. As if that was not enough, the fiber contained in the Baobab fruit make you feel satisfied for longer. Coming from our direct collaboration with a cooperative of about twenty Senegalese craftswomen, our organic Baobab fruit powder is produced with respect for local communities & the environment. 

By getting this Baobab powder you not only contribute to significantly improve your health, but you also contribute to the local community development.

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